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Advances in Machine learning(ML) and Deep learning(DL) has opened new opportunities that was never possible before.

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Key Projects

Anuvaad - Domain specific translations

Domain specific translation of documents in Indic languages. To be used by Supreme Court of India for delivering judgements in multiple Indian Languages.

Project use Neural Machine Translation (NMT) capability to translate languages. Tools to create parallel corpus to improve translation, benchmarking tools evaluate translation accuracy, etc were also created as part of the project.

Tarento project - Anuvaad Domain specific translations

Smart chatbot

A state of the art bot platform to augment and enhance customer support and public relations. The intent of this project was to reduce the unstructured support requests and improve the grievances redressal.

Data security was of paramount importance and hence it was decided to build the entire platform in-house and no data leaving the premises, ever.

Tarento project - Smart chatbot

Thor - AI Assistant

Assistant is capable of answering the questions related to its domain. Answers are quick and with content. Frees up valuable time from key business stake holders and make them efficient with quick insights.

Assistant is always active and alert. It keeps looking for events and patterns. Any changes observed which are unusual from the routine, it brings it to your notice immediately so that you can act on it before it is too late.

There are lot of routine mundane task in any business line. These tasks are important, but often they are very exhausting. Assistant can automate a lot of routine reporting & communication related tasks.

Tarento project - Thor AI Assistant Program
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